Controversy Over The Size Of The Fifth Book

The thickness of the book creates controversy among writers:Don McKellar to the point much faster than J.K. 960Rowling.”She’s crazy?” said the director of Toronto yesterday to hear that the next volume of the Harry Potter series would be extended to the huge amount of 768 pages.”It’s clearly crazy. Obviously jealous of Tolkien,” McKellar, a director, writer and expert on the art of writing and adapting films actor said.”Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, which goes on sale next June 21, is more or less the same length as the first two thirds of the trilogy of Lord of the Rings Tolkien, which were published and taken to films as “the Fellowship of the Ring” and “the Two Towers”.

Rowling, the highest-paid woman in the United Kingdom

jk-rowling_1002500cAs we saw in the magazine Hello! Last week, J.K. Rowling is already the highest-paid woman in the UK, beating rivals 2001, the Queen of England and the singer Madonna. In 2002 he earned 75 million euros for selling 58 million copies of Harry Potter, not counting the substantial benefits of film adaptations, interviews and more. With all these revenues, Rowling has won six times the salary of Queen Elizabeth II of England and has even earned more money than Madonna, who is in second position in the list of the 100 highest paid women in the UK. But no position or figure can surpass that will place the 2003, with the fifth book for June and her second child in the spring.

Libraries can not with the fifth book1459085799903

Some US fans will see the painful on June 21, when you see your local bookstore has enough books for all readers who have come to buy them. With the emergence of the 4th book (being much less popular) a famous New York bookstore sold about 956 volumes the first night. Instead, this year, you can only sell 560 with excessive demand there.

Changes celebrating the prize

18-lens-refugees-slide-6010-videosixteenbyninejumbo1600After more than two weeks with problems of the web, and so far it came to erase everything, back to the load, celebrating 100mb. which offers donfreeweb by visits we have (many !!!). At this time, I must say that the forum has done nothing but grow, like the area of artists and writers of fanfic FAN ZONE, which is responsible Sere.

 Nothing is known about the fifth in Spain

 Although some advance that the fifth Harry Potter, English expected for June 21, appears in Castilian for Christmas, we regret to say that neither the translation process faster would allow the book was published before February. The publisher Salamandra said to ExpresoHogwarts who do not know the book more than what has been seen in the press.

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